Q.What are skins?

Skins are thin textured Material that wrap around your devices to completely change the look and feel of the device without adding any thickness, unlike conventional cases and covers. It also protects your devices from scratches and fingerprint stains.


Q.How do I order a skin for my device?

First select your exact device from the shop section. Then select the and texture of your skin. Finally, just place the order. That’s it. It’s really that easy.

Q.How long will it take for my order to ship?

Orders will take a maximum time of up to 2-3 business days to deliver since the date of the order placed(Within India)

Q.Can I track my order?

Usually you will get regular updates & tracking details via mails and text messages to let you know about the status of your order.


Q.How do I install my skin?

Skin installations are fairly simple. You can easily find a video for your specific phone with a quick Youtube search.

Q.What if the skin has bubbles after applying?

Most applications don’t get bubbles under the skins if you follow the instructions carefully but if you do then they will easily disappear on pushing them to the nearest opening.


Q.I can’t find my device in the list, what should I do?

Just drop us a message on Our Instagram Page


Q.Can I return the product once received and get a refund for the same?

No, we do not provide a refund for any orders once it is shipped from our warehouse. However, you can exchange it within 48 hours of the receipt of the shipment at your end.

Q.What if the product has a defect?

If you identify a defect in the skin before the application, just mail us some images of the skins you received within 48 hours of receiving the shipment. After examining the same, we will exchange your product at our cost. If you identify the defect after the application, mail some photos and we will advise further action after examining the defect.

Q.Can I cancel my order after placing it online?

Yes, you can cancel it directly from our website until it is shipped from our warehouse, which happens usually 4-12 hours [does not include weekends & holidays] after you place your order. You cannot cancel it once it is shipped.

Q.How soon can I expect a refund if my order is successfully cancelled and I have paid online?

We will process the refund at our end within 2 working days, it will further take anywhere in between 3-7 working days for the money to show up in your account depending on the payment method used.

Q.My question is not listed here.

You can use our Contact us page, and we'll get back to you within 48 hours.